Mozilla Open Source Hack

Yaaayyy!!!!. Finally, I attended my first hackathon.The open source hack 24-hour hackathon was held at KCG college by the #MozillaTN organisation. The event started on 18 March 2017 at 9.00 pm.

Inaugural Function of Mozilla Open Source Hack at KCG College, Chennai.

The Hackathon was aimed at giving students a real-time hands-on experience as to how things actually work in the real world.

The Hackathon was mainly focused on three different topics

  • Web extensions – A cross-browser system for developing browser add-ons by Viswaprasath (@Iamvp7).
  • WebVR – Dive into Virtual Reality from your browser using Aframe framework by Karthic keyan (@hellokarthic).
  • L10n sprint – Translates software user interfaces from one language to another and adapting it to suit a foreign culture by Khaleel Jageer (@khaleeljageer).

The participants have to participate in any one of these.I participated in web extensions. So we look at what happened next.

Areas to contribute:

In the beginning, we are introduced to What are the areas we can contribute to the #Mozilla Organisation like #Rust#WebCompatibility and So on.


Then we have our workshop in the respective sessions in that we have taught about how we are developing the extensions .After that, the real fun part(coding part) starts. We are given a task that we have to make an extension individually on our own ideas.


So all think about their ideas and worked on that.Viswa Prasath anna helped and look after us each and every one. He helped to clarify our doubts in the particular areas like API. Like that karthic keyan anna and Khaleel anna helped in their sessions. The hackathon went over the night. All of us became very much excited to create our first add-ons. With the cool music around we never get tired, it boosted us.

So the next day morning Finally, we are ready with our add-ons. And our add-ons is reviewed by the viswa prasath anna. And the other development is reviewed by the respected volunteers.

No community is complete without a few fun-filled events and bags of swagMozilla is no exception. we are given an awesome #Mozilla stickers and batches.The best add-ons are selected and awarded.By this hackathon, we have a very good understanding of how the API works and about the real time projects.

A bunch of activities to solve real-time problems were discussed by Mozillians for the entire event that would be quite relevant to the budding Open Source enthusiasts like me.

That’s the end of the awesome hackathon. I really want to thank the Mozilla volunteers for organizing the event and College management for the accommodation and the respected faculties for their kind patience throughout the entire event.Thanks for the great event #MozillaTN #MozillaIndia.


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